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Originally Posted by bad_call View Post
dunlop work fine for me as well as penn or wilson. maybe u just tried to hit them too hard. what stroke did u hit when u hurt your elbow (serve, groundstroke, overhead, etc) ?
I didn't know it by stroke, didn't happen at once, just started feel weaker during the match until i couldn't hold the racquet any longer. More than anything I change since May from 2 HBH to 1 HBH, and never developed a strong muscle in the forearm until now. But Dunlop balls I find them very hard, kinda have the same problem playing clay court, always leave with pain in shoulder and elbow.
If i have extra money to have 2 more racquets for clay so I can string them with lower tension will be perfect of course.
Now talking about tennis balls again, after getting some tennis balls from the Miami Open practice, like them very much and since then, never change. I guess its hard to explain, that's why I was asking if I being to picky or something
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