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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Dgoran, I use a 16x19 pattern. I'm going to buy a Prince EXO3 Mid plus, which is 16x18. I figured I'd try it out since it is almost the same exact specs as my Radical. I miss the days of thin 100% graphite sticks, so I'm glad someone still makes them in a modern version.

The Big Hitter seems just like the CyberFlash, except there is a break in period I don't remember having with the CF. Great strings though..I would not use them with a stiff racquet..i learned the hard way with my Tfights and APDC.
Hej PowerPlayer I feel the same that is why after damoing everything in sight I stick with Pro Tours.

I still demo for fun but nothing feels quite like plain ol' flexi braided graphite frame with 20 constant beam.

Once you go big Blue and Black you never go

...errr that sounded gay
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