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Originally Posted by lidoazndiabloboi View Post
I would say it was a bargain considering it was the RF on it, which makes it a limited shoe.
there are two versions of these RF shoes (Colorwise).
Also I have the first picture of RF shoes and the color code is different than retail version. especially the first picture of the RF shoes color code is 103 instead of 102.

I think this version is sample shoes from Nike.

another version of RF shoes.

this one is retail version.

the first picture of RF version near the hill area is all white with Black Zoom letter.

the second RF version is black color with white zoom letter.

the retail version is all black color with white Zoom letter like the second RF version but Black color with white Fitframe letter.

both the first picture of RF version and the second picture RF version use same clear material with white fitframe letter.

I think I saw actual federer's shoes somewhere but I think it was exactly same color like a retail version with "RF" logo. I might be wrong.

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