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The first step in beating the guy is giving him respect: You're saying his forehand is ******* you off, and you know you can beat him... well the truth is you're just not giving him credit even though he IS better than you.
When you've learned to give the opponent respect, then you are more likely to stay relax and not prone to stressing out (like "why the hell am I losing to this loser?" kinda BS). Staying sane is one of the keys to beat pushers.

Another thing, the advices have been all over the places because you haven't given us a description of your style of play: strengths, weaknesses...i.e., if you're not good at volleying then why charge recklessly up just to be lobbed or passed, that will **** you off even more.

Anyway,in short, in matchplay, you'll need constant accuracy and variety regardless of style (power, spin, flat, or... push, lol).
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