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Originally Posted by SFrazeur View Post

Let your imagination go wild!

Obviously, he's telling you to baseball swing your backhand AND your forehand to hit massive winners. Or hit homeruns every point so your opponent will forfeit.

Anyways, I don't like how theres always so many people who think they are better than pushers if they keep losing to them. I'm not necessarily talking about the OP. If you can't beat this supposedly weak pusher, then you're not better. Just because you beat someone once doesn't mean you are better than them either. Actually, what makes someone better than another is debatable as well.

If this pusher doesn't hit strokes at all, try to keep aiming at one side. Once they are far enough to one side, hit to the other side where its empty. Then again, hitting to where they are not is very basic and general in tennis. Many things would work. Actually, I'm not really adding anything important. I should stop talking now.

Basically, what the other posters said.
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