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Until winning ugly is severely frowned upon, "pushing" at a competitive level will always be an option. Although I don't really think pushing is a sought after technique, I think it evolves from people being too cautious and lacking confidence in their shots. I also don't think that it would be that hard to beat a pusher if one has solid strokes and strategy. If you think about it, when we play tennis we try to hit shots that put our opponents on the defensive, and then we crush those defensive "pusher" returns. Put a pusher in front of me in a competitive situation and I will say thanks for the easy win. I think its much harder to beat a confident player with obvious talent than a cautious pusher.

In other words, every pusher shot is ripe for better offensive shots until a clear winner is available. It just takes confidence. If you don't have the confidence needed to beat a pusher who lacks confidence, then you are probably a pusher as well in a competitive situation.

So, stand up straight like a real man and go crush that pansy.
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