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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
Well, I wouldn't generalize all pushing type players as pansy and lack of confidence. What about those who literally don't know how to hit an offensive, winner-type shot and have to keep hitting the shots they know? How would confidence help if a person didn't possess the skill to hit an offensive shot?
Those people are still beginners.

I think there's a lot of confusion about what a pusher is and what a pusher is not. I am sometimes confused about the definition as well, especially when people call Murray a pusher. Generally, people acknowledge that, when needed, pushers can come up with an offensive shot. They just choose to hit 100% safely and force their opponent to eventually lose the point. I am now personally defining pushers as players with a lack of confidence in their shots but have a strong desire to win. I previously thought pushers were those who literally "push" the ball with their elbows and wrists, but for now on I will just call them hackers.

Anyway, I really doubt that anyone who doesn't at least have the skill to hit an offensive shot is capable of beating someone who is, even if they are an accomplished pusher.

I really think winning in tennis is all about developing confidence, which is developed through great practice. That is why in clutch situations Federer, Nadal and a few others are consistently able to thwart off match points by hitting winners.

I will argue that people lose against classic pushers because they too lack confidence in their shots. After all, a pusher shot is not an aggressive, offensive shot by definition, which should be easy prey for someone who can play offensively.
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