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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I'm a short and sweet person, but the long response was excellent in this case.
Thank you. I just feel that evidence should be offered and how one REALLY thinks during a match against a pusher, because THAT is the most important aspect other than having shots you can rely on.

I mean, if you're an excellent strategist, then you can destroy everyone with a single reliable weapon/stroke. Anything more would just widen the gap and be overkill.

I'm not saying I'm an excellent strategist, but I'm far better in tactics than most of my peers simply because I have so many shots I can rely on, so I have so many options available to me. But if I was limited to a single shot, I COULD come up with some sort of strategy to compensate, though it would be very difficult.

Problem with my evidence is that it doesn't translate to all pushers. Some might have incredible serves, but most don't. But if you have incredibly reliable shots available to you, then you can bash/spin balls in mindlessly and outrally them simply by placing the shots once the rally begins. Once you reach this point of owning consistent and reliable shots, then it's a matter of waiting for that single passive, defensive, or sub par response that you can attack. That's all you need to control the point, which is why first strike tennis and recognizing your opportunities is so huge in tennis.
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