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Originally Posted by KenC View Post

I really think winning in tennis is all about developing confidence, which is developed through great practice. That is why in clutch situations Federer, Nadal and a few others are consistently able to thwart off match points by hitting winners.

I will argue that people lose against classic pushers because they too lack confidence in their shots. After all, a pusher shot is not an aggressive, offensive shot by definition, which should be easy prey for someone who can play offensively.
Fair enough, KenC, when you go with that definition of your own.

To me, pushers are those with half-baked, foundation less strokes. All they care about is get the ball back into oppon's court. As a result, their shots are unlikely giving capable opponents pressure.

Anyway, I like you post (the highlighted part). I forgot that aspect completely and really struggled to get some simple strokes going. After a few times failed, less confidence crept in and it's just a downward spiral.
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