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I've done a few no reference deals on TT as a buyer. But I paid with a cc so I had more recourse than through PP. And I checked out the people I was dealing with to make sure they were adults.

This is no perfect formula. At best, one can take measures to minimize risk. As careful as I tend to be, I have still had some less than optimum deals where sellers have flat out lied or misled me about the condition of a frame. Especially on the auction site.

If you ask someone a very specific question and they lie to you, there isn't too much you can do after the deal is done short of going through the whole PP return or chargeback process. If it isn't a huge deal, you let it go and know better the next time. I will say that people that play loose with the facts seem to do so consistently. Some people seem to think it is okay to represent a damaged frame as one in excellent condition. Hard to understand.

You pays yo money, you takes yo chances.

And as I have explained to Meow, Steve and Dire via email, no matter what we post, or how many times we post it, some people are still destined to be scammed because they behave foolishly and leave themselves no recourse if the deal goes badly. I can understand when kids get scammed as they have no life experience and are naive but there are adults here who send $900 to someone without having a clue where the other party is located, if they are an adult or a kid, etc. That seems very ill advised and it isn't a shock when such deals turn into disasters.

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