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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
1. Laver
2. Budge
3. Rosewall
4. Edberg
5. Connors
6. Agassi
7. Kuerten
8. Vilas
9. Gasquet
10. Rios
Aside from the ones above, in no particular order I'll toss in the ring these names also.

1. Kovacs-Jack Kramer said he couldn't serve and volley against him, Budge and Bromwich on the backhand.
2. Ashe-His backhand and Laver's are the most versatile backhands I've ever seen. They said his versatility may have hurt him in that he had too many shots to choose from.
Just check the video out and you will understand why I think his backhand's great. Ashe's opponent in the youtube video had a pretty decent backhand also. lol.
3. Bjorn Borg-Never missed and his backhand may very well been as good or better than Connors. It was a very versatile backhand in that he could slice the ball on approach shots, a very good lob off that side and his topspin backhand passing shots on that side were legendary. Maybe the most error free backhand ever.
4. Lacoste-Was known for perhaps having the best backhand ever before Budge.
5. Miloslav Mecir-I'm sure this is a bit of a surprise but I thought his backhand was fabulous. He was so talented, great angles, touch, movement. It's a shame his career ended so quickly. He should have been one of the all time greats. His forehand was pretty super also. Heck a lot of his game was pretty super.

6. Mats Wilander
7. Bill Tilden

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