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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
1. Laver
2. Budge
3. Rosewall
4. Edberg
5. Connors
6. Agassi
7. Kuerten
8. Vilas
9. Gasquet
10. Rios
Is this in particular order? Seems like people on here have a strange hard-on for pre-open era players. People rave about Rosewall's backhand, and it was great, but it was a flat slice backhand. That's all he could hit. That's pretty limited. Laver's was indeed sweet.

No Safin? Surely if Gasquet gets a nod then Safin deserves to. Nadal deserves some love too. He has one of the most devastating two-handers in history. And I'll take Federer's over Vilas'. I also feel like Borg and/or Lendl should be in the mix too.
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