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I go for Connors. That backhand could do anything for him. Not the most beautiful shot in history, but he could hit any spin to any part of court including moderate top, flat , slice and sidespin, return serve, approach, rally on any surface, lob, and volley with both hands on the racket. other honorable mentions in the doublehanded category include Borg, Agassi, and Wilander (first one I know to develop a 1 handed slice to compliment his two hander) For one handers besides Edberg: Vilas, Sampras, Pat Cash,and Federer cannot be forgotten.
It would be difficult to make a call between Agassi and Connors for 2 handers. Agassi had more topspin and could generate more "power". Connors was so clean, so simple, SO effficient, and had more variety, with shades of underspin, though, he did not have the more severe topspin dippers and angles of Agassi. A toss-up. Connors 2 handed approach was probably better.
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