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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Los of talk about volleys, backhands, groundstrokes in general, etc. On another post, 35ft6 was saying that Fed definitely had one of the five best forehands of all time, I agreed with him.
I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure 35ft6 was talking about Nadal having one of the top 5 forehands of all time. Here is the post:

Originally Posted by 35ft6
When Fed was first emerging, people were already saying he might have the best one hander in the game. People talked glowingly about his backhand. It might break down against Nadal on clay, but what other player have you seen consistently exploit his so called weak backhand? Just saying, it can't keep up with the best left handed forehand in tennis history, and probably one of the top 5 best forehands in tennis history PERIOD, on clay, but his backhand is still one of the best strokes in tennis.
It could be that its a different thread you are speaking of. If so, my apologies. Anyway, I think this is a good thread. I am inexperienced compared to many posters here, but I'm wondering why you have James Blake's forehand up there, particularly over Del Potro's. They have comparable power, but Blake's is much more prone to error. Obviously, Del Potro has achieved a lot more, despite being significantly younger.
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