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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Alright, as long as you're talking about the present game of tennis.
do you not think its more difficult to execute a shot when the balls are travelling faster and with more spin?

even the recreational player can execute some great shots when balls are travelling at slow speeds with a relatively low RPM.

however, amp the speed and the rpms and players are bound to shank the ball more especially for someone who has exceptional racket head speed like federer. Federer will shank more but he will also produce more proportionally.

to be able to execute flat drives and topspin shots against shots coming with the velocities of today's game is very difficult. Not to mention the skill, reflexes required to stop the ball dead and play finesse with angles when reaction time is so little. Bhs of today absolutely merit consideration when discussing GOAT bhs and since federer's is among the best of today - he should also be mentioned.

laver himself admires federer not for his forehand but for his backhand. sampras admires federer for his backhand...even nadal and nalbandian - two players who have had success against federer hold this stroke in high esteem.

i just dont think you can compare strokes from today to those of the past. Obviously, lendl is going to shank less when the balls are travelling slower and his racquet head speed is slower.

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