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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
In "Open," Agassi writes that he wondered during this match if Bollettieri(who was with Becker at the time) revealed to Boris that Agassi knew this 'tell.'
Yes, Agassi "wrote" that, but it is quite odd to me. Bolletierri was very angry at Agassi at the time for the things Agassi was openly saying in the press (that he was insignificant etc). Both he and Boris disliked Agassi greatly and wanted nothing more than to beat him and get their revenge. All parties were taking this VERY personally. So if Nick had info like that, quite easily the key to the entire match, it's hard to believe he wouldn't mention it.

Nick is either the most prinicpled coach in the world, because there is no reason other than some personal code not to reveal this (a claim Agassi would dislike), or he did reval it to Becker and there was nothing Becker coudl do about it (habits like this die hard, but nevertheless, with Becker's willpower and desire to beat Agassi I think he could train himself out of this in a matter of weeks, if not days), or there is something wrong with the story.

Yes, I do think Mcenroe brought it up on air with Becker.
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