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Originally Posted by World Beater View Post
grass is a surface too. The gap between federer and guga on the bh side is bigger on grass for fed than on clay for guga.

Federer is also way better defensively than kuerten off the bh side.

kuerten def gets the nod on clay but federer has the edge on hardcourts and on faster surfaces - grass and indoors.

federer also passes much better than kuerten off the bh side and returns better off the bh side. federer also has more touch off the bh side. has a better drop shot and overall more options + versatility.

kuerten obviously has the better topspin drive which is emphasized on surfaces that are slower and are higher bouncing - clay.

kuerten's swing is long and loopy. he cannot consistently take balls on the rise off the bh side. Federer can half volley and take the ball on the rise on the bh side. federer struggles with the high topspin though on clay from a player like nadal - but pretty much everyone does.

Federer is better at balls on bh side that are below the level of the waist - this mainly due to grip.

overall: federer.
fair enough, for some reason, at that moment I was mainly considering the BH in baseline rallies, if we're taking the return and passing shots into consideration, then yeah there isn't much of a difference at all - kuerten on clay, federer on grass,indoors ; HC is a tossup ( I'd take fed, but kuerten never fulfilled his potential on HC and career was cut short by injuries, his BH when on could be more lethal than fed's on HC )

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