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Originally Posted by dannykl View Post
Compared with Federer, I think Lendl hits it with more power and still not losing in the consistency department.

Federer at times can be overpowered by other big guns even in the forehand side. For example overpowered by Del po in this US Open. Lendl however is rarely overpowered in the forehand rallies.
I think in order to be the "best", there's more than just power and consistency. They are important but Fed's liquid whip can hit ball pretty much anywhere he wants (most of the time) and it is very efficient. This is the forehand to be learned by juniors and the generation to come.

Delpo's fh is very powerful but he still has a lot to learn on perfecting it. He is still a little predictable and the running fh doesn't stand out as one of the best in tour, yet.

Again, in Lendl era there weren't too many 6'4" 6'6" 200+lb power baseliners with the rackets we see today. I think even Lendl in prime would have the chance of being over powered by the big guys or be constantly on the run by those 3000rpm top spin ground strokes.
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