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Now I know it was an exhibition but when I saw the Federer against Sampras matches a couple of years ago I got the impression that Sampras' forehand was more penetrating just in general than Federer's. I don't think it was a better forehand but I did believe it was more penetrating. Pete's was flatter and he hurt Federer often with his forehand.
It is. There is no question I think. Sampras' forhand is flatter and more penetrating, (not "flat", he can add as much spin as he likes), whereas Federer's has more spin. Federer produces that with a faster swing, and presumably, a lighter racquet, Sampras uses a heavy racquet and swings through the ball more, with a more controlled swing. Pros and cons to both.

On a side note, this is something a lot of posters don't notice/realize, about many of the older players. Their power is deceptive becuase they dont' appear to be flailing as hard, but the combination of heavy racquets and clean striking produces fantastic power. This was certainly also true about the old wood days, so, a young poster, or a non-high level player sees that and thinks, hey, they aren't swinging that hard! But the truth is, they can POUND the ball with that swing. And it's much harder than it appears, as TV is deceptive that way. A lot of what the average fan/poster uses to judge power is actually, in a way, theatrics!

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