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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
fair enough, for some reason, at that moment I was mainly considering the BH in baseline rallies, if we're taking the return and passing shots into consideration, then yeah there isn't much of a difference at all - kuerten on clay, federer on grass,indoors ; HC is a tossup ( I'd take fed, but kuerten never fulfilled his potential on HC and career was cut short by injuries, his BH when on could be more lethal than fed's on HC )
i dont see how HC is a tossup. Kuerten was pathetic in HC slams during his HC prime. Yes he had a few good matches / tournaments...masters cup and cincy.

but federer can match that on hardcourts and has had many days where his bh drive would match those of the very best. Also, federer has had days on clay where his bh has been impeccable. He has also had days when his bh has been off. But so has kuerten, agassi, gaudio, nalbandian...everyone.

citing's kuerten's potential is another coulda woulda argument.

also. if you want to claim kuerten's topspin drive is better than federer's on clay. i have no problem with that. But to me it doesn't make sense to isolate the drive. You should consider the total package on the bh side.

Kuerten's choice of grip enables him to have a great bh on clay and to be able to handle high balls due to his loopy swing. But he sacrifices many other things to possess this.
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