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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
I don't disagree but simply offer a different interpretation of Laver's forehand. Yes, the backhand may have been deadlier, but that doesn't make the forehand weaker, only by comparison was it less feared. I regard Laver's forehand as similar to Nadal's: huge lefty power, flat drive or lots of topspin, deep to the corners when wanted or sharply angled when necessary.
I like this description of Laver's forehand by Julius Heldman-"From the ground, about the only shot that Rod does not clobber is a forehand underspin or chip. I don't recall his using the shot much or at all when he was younger, but as he matured he began occasionally to hold the ball on his racket with some underspin and place it carefully while he ran for the net. But the next time he would literally jump and throw his racket at the ball with all the force he could muster, wrist and arms snapping over at the hit. The shot is unreturnable. It always ends the point, one way or the other, and you can never predict when the lightning will strike, although you know it will be often." The area in bold sounds pretty awesome to me. I think Laver could hit the ball pretty hard. lol.

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