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Originally Posted by Storm_Kyori View Post
hey pcmacino,

could you compare the fit between the Babolat Propulse 2, CB 1.3 and Vapor VI? I wear the PP2's in a size 12. I really want to get myself some CB's and/or Vapors, but it's hard to find a store around here to try them out. The spot I have trouble with most shoes in the toebox. I like a little room to wiggle. I hate shoes that seem to jam my little toe. I don't want an extremely wide fit, but a bit or space for my little toe. any info would help.thanks.
Sure, I wear a half size smaller in both Nikes. So in the PP2s I wear a 10 1/2 and in the Nikes I wear a 10. The CB1.3s are a little wider than than the Vapor VIs, but I wouldn't say either are a narrow shoe. I don't have narrow feet, but have no complaints with any of them in the toe box. Now the PP1s did tend to pinch me in the box (on the pinky toe side) every now and then.

Hope that helps.

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