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Originally Posted by rod99 View Post
yes, it's more difficult to pull off great shots when the ball is traveling faster, however it's also easier to pull off these shots when you have advanced technology, specifically today's strings which allow you to do things with the ball that players in the 80s would never have dreamed of.
advanced technology only works if you have the hand eye -coord and skills to take advantage of it.

also both sides of the net are using advanced tech and hitting these so called great shots against each other, so it there is no added advantage that players of today have because both sides of the net have the same equipment. "the advanced tech gets canceled out"

However, both sides of the net in today's game have less reaction time, and as a result have to be more athletic and precise. The game has gotten harder not easier. Finesse is harder to execute when the ball is faster and when there is increased spin on the ball due to string tech!
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