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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
One thing I should mention is that while total majors is a very important factor in determining greatness, it isn't the end all so while there is a gap in total majors between Lendl and Federer, there is also a gap with total tournaments won, unofficially Lendl won around 140 plus tournaments in his great career and his lifetime winning percentage was even higher than Federer's is now.

Both have great forehands and clearly their forehands were their best side but you cannot necessarily assume if a player has a better record that they may automatically have a better forehand.
Of course, I already know this. I could have made a very long post detailing all sorts of potential bargaining points and it definitely isn't the be all and end all. However, I find it to be the most telling statistic between the two player and in a tie-break situation, so to speak, I find it to be the real clincher based on what i've seen, their successes and how much of their success came through their forehand. I already admitted that I could do with seeing more Lendl so it isn't like this opinion is set in stone and won't be reconsidered.

I can't really comment at all on tournaments won other than there has been a trend in top players winning less overall tournies by the time their careers are over. Why is this? The physicality of the game? Less tournies entered? To analyze every single aspect would be extremely complicated, although hugely interesting.

Anyway, I definitely don't see my reasoning as being unreasonable at all in the way that Datacipher seems to be implying it is. All of these things hold relevance and some aspects may hold rather significant relevance.


Also, to you and anybody else, can you think of some of the greatest 'forehand' performances in tennis? One that comes to mind for me was Federer beating Hewitt at the US Open 2004.

It would be good to define some of these performances from the likes of Lendl, Segura, Sampras etc and to maybe even show highlights of the matches. Unfortunately, I can't help so much here so it would be cool if folks who have heaps of videos and such would perhaps provide highlights.

Right on.
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