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Originally Posted by Nathaniel_Near View Post
Also, to you and anybody else, can you think of some of the greatest 'forehand' performances in tennis? One that comes to mind for me was Federer beating Hewitt at the US Open 2004.

It would be good to define some of these performances from the likes of Lendl, Segura, Sampras etc and to maybe even show highlights of the matches. Unfortunately, I can't help so much here so it would be cool if folks who have heaps of videos and such would perhaps provide highlights.
We have some stats in chart form:

Andreev defeating Roddick hit an average of 1 forehand winner per game, can't recall if we ever found a higher rate.

One that I've learned of since then is Lendl in the 1987 Masters final over Wilander: 18 forehand winners over 25 games, per the New York Times (I haven't found a copy of that match anywhere to confirm the number).
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