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Originally Posted by split-step View Post
I have had it with these balls. These are the Penn atp balls with 4 in a can.
These were my balls of choice when the container looked like this:

However, for some months now, the packaging has changed. THe lid is now golden and the quality of the balls have gone down the toilet.

First of all, in every can there is at least one dud. WHAT AM I BUYING A 4 CAN PACK FOR IF I CAN ONLY USE 3??????

Secondly these balls DON'T BOUNCE. I play on hardcourts for goodness sake. These balls make me feel like I am playing on slick grass.

THe balls were never like this until they changed it.
THEY SUCK ***!!!
same thing hapened to the HEAD ATP Balls...they changed the package...and they break in the second hitting session...all of them))
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