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Originally Posted by Blake0 View Post
Does Partner #2 use a heavier frame? Or does he really plow through the ball?

If a ball with a lot of topspin and a flat ball is hit at the same speed, the topspin one will feel heavier.

It's easier to generate racket head speed with a lighter racket, to be able to brush up the ball more, but with a heavier racket you get the spin and heaviness through the plow through effect, by hitting through the ball.
PARTNER1 hits with more topspin than PARTNER2. I was thinking along the same line as you, a ball with a lot of topspin would feel heavier, but in this case the one with a lot of topspin was a lot "lighter" to return. PARTNER2 does use a close-stance when hitting forehands, which results in him stepping into his shots more and would probably plow through his shots more as well.

As for their frames, yes they are using different frames and that could be the reason. Still, shouldn't the "heavier" ball have more pace anyhow?
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