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Originally Posted by Bud View Post
A heavy ball has pace and spin... and is hit deeply into the court... usually within a couple feet of the baseline.

Hard flat balls have little spin and can push the racquet back on contact but they don't twist the racquet in your hand (which is what makes the ball feel heavier).
Very well put.. Thats why I wanted to jump in and ask you something. First off I am having trouble with hitting a particular shot that a player from my group hits to me. He hit's it medium pace and I think its side spin. It sometimes slides a little when it hits the ground.. When i make contact with it it slides of the face of my racquet and falls short into the net. Now I know to bend my knees and get low with the ball BUT WHAT KINDA SWING PATH DO i USE TO COUNTER THAT SIDE SPIN ?.. The ball Feel super heavy !!! Thanks for your time and OP I hope this answer will help you to..
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