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Originally Posted by makenakai View Post
Tilden, in Match Play and The Spin of The Ball, said an all-court player is one who can vary his game at will in direction, speed, depth and spin so as to give an opponent what he least likes. A sort of "consistent inconsistency"

In other words, according to Big Bill, if you can effectively adapt your game to anyone, you're an all-courter.
I'd say that's a good "short and sweet" description. (One of my all-time favorite tennis books, BTW.)

Originally Posted by fruitytennis1 View Post
When its my Ad I would 1(slice serve down the middle or 2(if my serve is really on kick wide. Attack the net whether serve 1 or 2 because in the past 2-3 months my volleys and serve have gotten better. If its their Ad im going for the kick wide.
If I understood your post correctly, I'd say your preferred style is S&V ... when you are serving.

Originally Posted by Davis937 View Post
I'm curious ... but ... before everyone jumps all over me I have to confess that I didn't look at the complete thread ... my question: was wondering if we have a rough breakdown of the percentage of players (not counting pros) who play each of the different styles of play ... that would be interesting to me ... I'm thinking that the "all court" or "counter puncher" style players lead the pack ... what sayeth thou?
Just off the top of my head (and remembering the median NTRP is 3.0)....

1) Baseline
2) Pusher
3) Junk Baller
4) Counter Puncher
5) Attack the Net
6) All Courter

Many players I've met over the years *think* they are All Courters, when they are not even close. (An All Courter excels at any style.) Very few people can actually do that....

Originally Posted by AlpineCadet View Post
KK, how would you beat a 6a and 6b if you were a good 4.0 baseliner?
The key to your answer, IMO, is your premise. A "good 4.0 baseliner" ought to be able to handle either a (6a) Soft-Baller / Pusher or a (6b) Retriever / Pusher. But you'll need to be patient and play your Baseliner game.

Just be prepared to play 8-12 shots per point on average (versus 4-6 against your common opponent at 4.0). Let me know if you have specific questions about the matchup.

Originally Posted by Wegner View Post
Kaptain Karl, this thread you started is one of the best ever. I'd love to discuss with you doing a video together. My personal e-mail is
Happy New Year,
Oscar Wegner
Thanks, Oscar. I'll shoot you an e-mail.

- KK
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