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My doctor told me to

get rest
ice 2 times/20minutes a day
take aleave twice a day
wear tennis shoes all the time
wear my brace (ASO) as much as possible.

My first practice is this Friday and he told me that I could practice, but just avoid doing serves and overheads.

Also he said I should start doing some biking this week gradually.

I stopped playing tennis on December 25 and since then haven't played and have been getting rest. Also I just started icing and taking anti-inflamm. a couple days ago, do you guys think that I will be ready to hit on Friday? I'm really nervous about it because I'm a freshmen at a community college and I've never hit with the team before and it doesn't seem right to miss the first couple practices.

I will look into shoe orthotics and ask my doctor about them.

Any further comments will be much appreciated.

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