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Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl View Post
The key to your answer, IMO, is your premise. A "good 4.0 baseliner" ought to be able to handle either a (6a) Soft-Baller / Pusher or a (6b) Retriever / Pusher. But you'll need to be patient and play your Baseliner game.

Just be prepared to play 8-12 shots per point on average (versus 4-6 against your common opponent at 4.0). Let me know if you have specific questions about the matchup.

- KK
I recently had a singles match against a 4.0 pusher who has slice forehands/backhands. He has shaky servers that don't give me much trouble. I was up 4-1 and ended up losing when I tried to play his pusher game (thinking it would mess his game up.) I thought about playing my game, keeping the balls deep and giving him the run, but it just seemed like he started adjusting. We have a best of 3 sets coming in a few weeks, so I'm still not sure if committing to my game will be enough to keep me from melting down when/if he ends up getting all those random free points that I'll probably give. I'm not very patient.
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