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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
I guess these little things are just another form of expressiveness. I mean how tennis players mention all the time how they try not to give the opponent anything they can use -- try not to show what they're thinking or feeling, oncourt or off. Express yourself in any way, and someone shrewd can exploit it.
I think this was a pretty obvious attempt by Martin to bluff, and explicitly NOT tell what he was doing. Many of the Open tourney players I've played against have similar antics, I have used EYE fakes on passing actually impresses me when a competitor notices and comments on it....I mean in those days, we were hitting HARD. It is like we are both appreciate a more subtle skill, and it's amazing that in the heat of action, he noticed, from so far away, in such a fraction of a second, probably on a largely subconscious level, that I was trying to tell him "inside out", before holding the stroke as long as possible, and uncoiling it down the line.

Unfortunate for poor Martin that Agassi caught on to his deception pattern and saw through it!
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