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Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl View Post
That last sentence makes your match-up pretty tough. I have questions....

Is one of his slice ground strokes clearly stronger than the other (FH / BH)? Which one?

Does he run ... better / worse / the same ... vertically versus horizontally?

How is he at the net? And how is your drop-shot? Your passing shots?

Usually a poor server also has a poor overhead. How is your lob?

How are you at attacking (really forcing or getting a clean winner) off his serve?

How are you at taking advantage of a "short-ish" ball and driving it for the winner?

Can you "pin" a player deep behind one corner with 3 or 4 ground strokes to the same deep corner?

- KK
He's clearly got a better bh slice. His fh is random, and I would compare it to Russian Roulette.

He's better side to side than going up and back.

He's better than me at the net, and my dropshots are HORRIBLE, but my disguise/passing shots are great against him and every other 4.0+ player I've encountered.

My lob is HORRIBLE.

My return game is improving, I'm learning how to control height/depth on the bh, and my fh is much deeper since I've improved my timing.

I don't really get short balls to put away, since I am always babysitting the baseline, so I'll have to say I'm 50/50 on that. It's mostly a comfort issue when coming to the net..

Yes, I can def. do that with both sides. My concentration/discipline has improved, and so has my footwork/swingspeed. I'm no longer a victim of a full-on emotional meltdown.. only partly though at times.
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