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Originally Posted by alice301 View Post
my thoughts after our first match this weekend:
  • i had the masseuse come before the match to give seated massages, but next time, should i have her come after the match?
  • since the next match will be in a much colder bubble, instead of a toasty barn, should i bring carafes of coffee with assorted liquors & whipped cream? or should i bring mulled cider?
weigh in, people. i'm taking my captaining responsibilities very srsly, obviously. tfm, enjoy playing on your two moco teams, you mofo.
1. I'd vote for massage after the match. Since it's a seated massage, you are not really warming up your body and getting ready for the match. I'd suggest a dynamic warm up as described here in the USTA website:

Some types of sport massage may be beneficial pre-match if it's focused on specific things for tennis, but I'm thinking seated massage may not havethis goal (IMHO).

2. I'd go for the coffee, assuming it's post match.
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