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Default Working with the ATP

Posted By Exile:
Q: My question is how does one get into your sort of career pathway?
I know I'd want to be whatever it is you are....

A; I don't blame you. This job has been a tremendous opportunity for me to travel the world and work in a fun environment like professional tennis, a sport I enjoy both playing and watching. The handful of guys who have been tour managers (the most challenging yet exciting position in the ATP) over the past 25 years have all had a tennis background ...not necessarily great players but involved in the sport in some way, as a journalist or manufacturers representative, in tournament management or even coaching or teaching. Also, these days, an additional language to English is essential; Spanish would be helpful out on the circuit today, perhaps Russian or Chinese in the future. Had I been applying for the tour manager position today, there is no way I would have landed the job with ATP with my limited language skills.
So my suggestion would be that, in addition to all the normal tennis activities in which you are involved, try to become associated with any professional tennis event which comes to a city near you. Even as a volunteer, it allows you to network with those who are involved in the sport, an opportunity to showcase your energy, enthusiasm, people skills and passion for the sport.
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