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I'm not the best person to answer this because I got the tendonitis when I was running and not playing tennis. As far as running (3-6 miles) I'm never running again. I went through months and months of PT, etc and never got to the place where I could go jogging comfortably.

I started playing tennis regularly (3 or 4 times a week) about 2 years after my original ankly injury. A month in, the tendonitis came back. I was smart this time and stopped playing for a week...maybe 10 days and started wearing the brace and orthotics. Now it's not a problem at all.

The trick is to be smart and not play if your ankle hurts. (easier said than done) If you catch it early, it is pretty easy to cure. If you run for months on it in pain (me) it take a long time to get back.

As I said before. Orthotics, rest, ankle brace, and stretching calfs/ hamstrings should do it.

I was reading the Pete Sampras book and found out that Pete had the same type of tendonitis when he switched to a different shoe. He then finally wen to his famous Nike Oscillates and evidently it was one of the things that made it better. This story made me feel pretty good because I'm not the only one who is dependent on the right mix of footwear, orthotics, etc.
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