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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
If you're going to just include first serves than I guess we have to look at the effectiveness of the first serve and the percentage that they got it in. Goran to be had the best first serve if he got it in but guys like Roddick, while I don't think his first serve (when he got it in) is as effective as Ivanisevic gets it more often. It's not unusual for Roddick to get it in about 80% of the time.

I'll go with Goran when he gets it in but I'm not sure about overall effectiveness.

You really should include second serve in the equation because that's a very important part of the serving process.
Looks like I didn't put my point across very well. I didn't mean that I was excluding the 2nd serve entirely. My point was just that I gave a greater weight to the 1st serve. Maybe "heavily" was too strong a word.

Also I did consider the percentages. That's why Rusedski is ranked rather low despite the serious mileage he put on his 1st serves.
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