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Originally Posted by World Beater View Post
wow...roddick lower than stich

ok. interesting choice.

roddick wins more 1st serve % pts than stich and sampras i believe.
that too in this reduced court speed era.
One thing I didn't stress in the OP was that I want to rank these serves as pure shots mostly free of outside factors. That is, Goran and Stich were headcases and as a result their whole game suffered on occasion, but not when they kept their head together. On the other hand Rusedski's 1st-serve percentage usually averaged around 50%, which tells me the problem was more than mental. I'll add this note to the OP.

Originally Posted by Blade0324 View Post
I'm not going to say that he is the best server ever as that would simply not be true. However, IMO he should be mentioned as having one of the best serves out there even though the rest of his game was not as good as some others. Scott Warner held the record for fastest serve in competition at 147 until Roddick broke that. To go along with that he is 6'5" and the ball kicks extremely high off both first and second serves. This was good enough to get him into the top 100 in late 1989. You can watch some of his work by looking for the 1989 Sydney Indoor video's against Mark Kratz and Daren Cahill.
Unfortunately Warner is rather unrepresented on the Web (not even a short article on Wikipedia) so it'll be pretty hard to give the guy due consideration. Thanks for the shout-out anyway. Never heard of him before.
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