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Originally Posted by Don't Let It Bounce View Post
I also am underqualified to rank the old guys with any degree of certainty, but Colin Dibley may deserve the same pass on Condition 4 as Rusedski and Karlovic. Given how much is made of the difference equipment has made in the power level of the pro game (too much, maybe, but that's another thread), it's noteworthy that Dibley and his woodie (insert your own joke here) held the fast serve record for a long time after wood racquets were museum pieces.

Like the above poster, I think it's hard to overrate the importance of Roddick's 1st serve %. That, along with the effectiveness of his 2nd serve, makes his the one I'd want, even over Sampras's ad Karlovics, if I could have anyone's.
I know Dibley used to hold the record, but as you say the guy's from the medieval times. That's why I'm asking people to weigh in with what they know and have seen.

BTW the difference equipment makes in serve speed is negligible, for pros anyway. We're talking about 4-5 mph plus max with a proper technique.

And I just addressed your point about Roddick above.
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