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Here's the explanation of the lead positions, measured from butt end. Each of the small lead piece is 1 gram and the longer, 50 mm strip, is 3 grams.

NOTE: the two pieces at 45 mm., these are combined as 1 gram.

Why are the lead pieces in such positions?

The answer is ... I don't really know. Well, the 3-gram strips were "guessfully" placed there at first because I wanted a HL racket, right? The racket played fine but still some thing was "missing".

... Then came four pieces of the 1-gram leads.

The positions of the 1-gram pieces were determined from using the overgrip-holding rubber. You can see that it weights in at 2 grams

I used these rubber bands to determine the positions of the required weights. The positions were determined during play by adding and removing and changing the positions of the rubber band until I find things to be right. Then I noted the positions of the "required weights" and added the weights to the rubber inserts at the determined positions.

DO NOTE that my determined positions are right for me. They may or may not be right for you.

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