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As I mentioned from the begining, I actually wanted to adjust my gripshape and size, which all added to the weight, here are pictures of the "adjustments".

The two duct tape grip-reshaping layers, placed in such positions. Why? I don't know, I just happened to have place them like that.

Do note that my pallet is slightly shorter. (See the circle). I did this on purpose as I don't like things getting very thick at the top, especially with overgrip over the leather. This way, the overgrip will go slightly beyond the leather and taper it all out.

The weight of the each side of duct tape. That would mean a total of 5.8 grams (2.9 x 2)

Then I adjusted the grip size a bit, using an old over grip, wrapped non-overlapping

The weight of this old overgrip at 5.6 grams (with the electric tape):

(Continue below)

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