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Before it's all done, leather is then wrapped. You can see here the weight of the leather with the tape -- 22.9 grams:

And, finally, the overgrip. I use PK overgrip. It's not that its PK brand or anything, just because it's good enough and the cheapest I can get. I don't fret over overgrips. If they don't feel right after a certain use, I just change without having to worry about cost.

This is how much it weights -- 7.0 grams:

And then everything's done ... with the top-of-grip rubber band in place.

The final weight is 383.5 grams, strung with ProSupex Synthetic Titan @ 55 lbs. (Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the final weight.) The balance is around 14-15 pts HL (haven't really precisely measured).


Alright, I hope it gives you some insights and ideas on racket mod "trials and errors" (if not technique). I would say that there's nothing such as "the perfect mod". Everyone is different.

Enjoy YOUR mod!!

Making a Super Redondo:

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