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Originally Posted by papatenis View Post
The serve is to complex to rank by itself alone. There are many factors that are taken into account when the pros serve, first or second. (court speed, wind, opponent, sunlight conditions, type of balls, etc.)
The same holds true for pretty much all the shots, but the serve is the one shot over which players have almost complete control. I think that makes the serve a ripe subject for discussion, and I say this as someone who's generally wary of all these GOAT rankings.

I think you have to ask "who's serve was the most effective"
Not a big fan of this idea, I must say. Once you emphasize the "effective" factor people are undoubtedly going to bring up the percentages of service games held, which isn't what this thread is about. In this case I'm more interested in the serve as a stand-alone shot.
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