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Originally Posted by World Beater View Post
I think it is tough to isolate shots like this. To me its easier and more objective to analyze the overall effectiveness of a shot (even if this takes into account mental and physical).
I know this isn't the most objective way, but then I think most of us agree that the vast majority of players would pick Goran's or Karlovic's serve over others, stats be damned. There's room for educated subjectivity in these kinds of rankings.

Becker's % is also generally lower than some of the other servers. Roddick can serve at an extremely high % for his pace (maybe his serving is "safer" because he doesnt go for the lines as much as say sampras or ivanisevic but his effectiveness in terms of % of pts won on the 1st serve is about the same if not better).
I'm well aware that Roddick generally serves at a higher percentage than almost everyone else on the list. You say this strength of his serve compensates for the safety factor, but one can turn this around and argue that it actually shows his serve as a stand-alone shot isn't as potent as the others that can draw more aces and service winners at lower percentages.

Stich had an effective serve but it wasn't an all powerful weapon and wasn't really a match winning weapon to me. For stich, it was always about the overall game that would win matches. Stich wasn't really a guy who could rely on his serve to win matches when the rest of his game was malfunctioning. Some of the other guys could basically just live off their serve even if the were off in the rest of their games. Becker could do this but he would need to serve better than 50%.
Well, Sampras would probably dispute you on Stich's serve not being a big weapon, but I take your and others' point about Roddick's high serve percentage. Will move him up a notch above Stich. And FYI Becker generally served well above 50%.

Rusedski could get by with his serve alone indoors but outdoors i would definitely not pick him.
Not sure why you mention Rusedski, 'cause I already have him at the bottom of the list. That said, his serve is a useful barometer in this case. As I said earlier his serve percentage regularly hovered around 50%. Stich's on the other hand fluctuated wildy, usually between 40% and 60+%. These stats suggest that the problem with Rusedski's subpar percentage was more than mental, while Stich's can be attributed to his mood swings.

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