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I've done some thinking, and now I think you guys are right to give Sampras extra credit for his matchless 2nd serve and great clutch. Pistol Pete ahead of Krajicek then. I've also added McEnroe and Edberg to the list.

Also I'd like to see some reasoning behind your rankings especially of the old-timers. Much as I appreciate your input I can't take anyone's word on faith. So instead of just stating the obvious like "Tanner could crank it up" or "Newcombe had a great 2nd serve," say something more detailed like "Tanner's great disguise and swift delivery put him ahead of (fill in the blank)." Hope you get the drift.

Originally Posted by SirSweetSpot View Post
Can't BELIEVE noone is mentioning Stan Smith. Without his name and the likes of John Newcombe and Arthur Ashe, this list is irrelevant.
I know there are quite a few worthy names missing, including Kramer, Smith and Ashe. That's why I'm asking the more experienced posters to weigh in.

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ohh, cmon you guys.. i know that speed isnt everything, but combo speed+persentage in andys case, it's a huge thing..

so putting andy into 9th place, thats just ridicolous..just look at 09wimby..he mainly served his way out in sooooo many cases..espspecially in the 5th.. so yeah, 2 croats, sampras are better, i agree..but theres no way that stich and krajicek are better..
In case you haven't noticed I've already put Roddick above Stich. But above Krajicek? No. You must understand that Krajicek at his peak probably served at comparable speeds to Roddick's or Karlovic's. This is because the radar guns back in the '90s (and the '80s) used to measure the speed of the ball near the net, but now they measure it as the ball leaves the racquet. So you can safely add 10-20 mph to the serve speeds registered in Krajicek's time, though it’s possible that a small number of those readings were "true." The difficulty is that radar gun systems have never been standardized, even to this day. I've already written about all this and more. Here are the links if you're interested:
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