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Default First Impression Black Magic

I'm a 4.0 player and I play whenever I can wheather permitting in Northern California. I'm not affiliated with any commercial tennis product.

I strung a Prince Black with Genesis Black Magic (BM) at 54', which is fairly loose for that racquet) and although I rarely comment on products because most are a matter of taste, I thought this string deserved some feedback.

I've used pure and hybrid combinations of Babolat Gut, Luxilon original, ALU Power, Rough, NXT, synthetic gut, Sonic Pro, and a host of others. Black Magic is vastly different than any string I've experienced. So different, it takes a while to interpret what is really going on.

Black Magic exhibits a very soft feel that subtracts only slightly from the power dimension and adds control. That's a feat. It even feels softer than natural gut IMO and it's a lot easier on the arm than any Poly I've tried. When I tried BM for the first time, the guy I was playing with said, "Wow, I like the way that sounds". And I was thinking, yeah, I think I like the way this feels.

If you swing slowly you get good feel, if you swing faster you naturally generate power because of that pocketing and poly rebound - but you don't lose control.

It's so different, it takes some getting used to in order to really appreciate it.

Nice change Genesis!
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