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My top ten:

1. Yannick Noah
Le Coq Sportif
1983 Roland Garros Final
white with some yellow stripes and yellow shoulders.
So cool.

2. The Chemise Lacoste original from 1933, made for the heat of the American summer.

3. The aforementioned Tacchini shirt with the two stripes across the chest. And the other one, too. Johnny Mac.

4. Borg FILA. THE tennis boom of the late 1970s, personified.

5. A white pique polo with pointy collar and three black or navy stripes down the shoulders, as rocked by the inimitable Ilie Nastase and Ivan Lendl (and many, many others).

6. Yellow pique polo with pointy collar - Fred Perry. Worn by basically all of us back in the 70s.

7. Loud Diadora yellow and blue - Guga.

8. Sergio Tacchini pastel: Mats Wilander - cheesy airbrush, circa 1989.

9. ST pastel: Patrick Cash - with the eleven stripes/bars. One stripe per part of his body that was generally injured or about to be.

10. Jockey, as worn by the always fashionable Brad Gilbert. Kidding. That does not have a place in the top 100, but it does enjoy a spot just ahead of the pink shoulderbladeless number Hrbaty will be remembered for.

The real #10 is the Diadora navy and white jersey worn by David Ferrer a few years ago. I have one. Great fabrication, clean lines, slightly higher collar than the average tee-shirt. Side vents.
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