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Thanks Krosero for this info. The original article in this thread transported me straight back to 1981 in a flash and I recall my feeling after the match, which was that I'd never seen Borg play so badly near the end of a match. He seemed absolutely "not all there" and very distracted. I can only assume that the death threat did play a role, ON TOP of the fact that he had finally relinquished Wimbledon (not easy for him, that's for sure). Your statistics remind of something about that match.

I could not figure exactly what was wrong. Of course, I did not know as much about Borg in some respects as I do now. Your highlighting of the fact that ON PAPER, McEnroe did not play a particularly spectacular match, was my feeling was well.

It was just Borg's play that was so "alien" to me. He literally looked like he just wanted OUT of that stadium, no matter what. Now the 1980 final was different. He had that match in his hands in the 4th set, only to lose in a tight 5 setter! Anyway, thanks again for all your videos, statistics, and insights on this board.
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