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Thanks for your post BNO. Interesting. Are you practicing with Henrik Holm by any chance?

My two Borg 1976-clips are lined up for Youtube-launch some time next week. I have spliced in the tennis-Einstein Jack Kramer's analysis as much as possible without ruining the rallies with too much McEnroe-motormouth chatter.

Incredible contrast to the 1981 USO-final when you watch the 1976 Wimby-final.

I am going to make some observations on my 4 USO 1969-clips later in the week (I am very busy right now) and comment on some really interesting details about the shots and technique performed by Laver and Roche in that wonderful match.

Going briefly back to the 1976-clips that I will post soon there's a couple of things that stand out:

* Borg goes for the baseline on all his shots ferociously and hits it so many times it's ridiculous. I have never seen Borg hit the baseline so many times -- easily at an amount in the high double-figures range. I have omitted all -- except one -- of Kramer's comments on this since it sounds like a broken record after a while: "Borg's groundstrokes are so very, very deep", "Borg's shots are much deeper than Nastase's", "He's not allowing Ilie to do anything driving him outside the court -- clipping the lines seemingly at will" et al.

* Borg's serve is insane. Borg said afterwards: "I skipped doubles since it created this stomach-muscle injury -- it strains my stomach too much. But I have to learn to hold back on serve. Not go all out all the time like I did today. The vibrations in the racquet when you whip away with everything you've got is no joke"...

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