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Originally Posted by guedoguedo View Post
I hit against some guy who used an old school racquet and hit it pretty flat and damn was it hard to get back...maybe i was having a bad day or something. And i can recall a few people whose serves where heavy as hell and you couldnt just pop it back in play.

How does this come about? Is it a type of racquet, a type of swing?
A heavy ball is mainly determined by how much pace it has, then comes the spin, but spin doesn't really have as much effect on how heavy a ball is, as many believe it to.

As you have experienced, and described, the ball you had to deal with felt pretty heavy, yet it is pretty flat.

I'm just guessing here that shots hit off-centered will feel "heavy." A flat, fast-paced ball will feel heavy if it misses the sweet-spot by a little, that and flat shots tend to be fairly low, deep and barely clears the net. Now, shots with a lot of spin will feel heavy because spin tends to throw you off your sweet-spot as well.

Therefore, if you are able to hit all shots right at the sweet-point, then pace will mainly determine how heavy that shot will feel.
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